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Pamela Warren, New York CIty Nutritionist is a Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist who founded the Art of Conscious Living in response to people asking for her help. While working as a clinical nutritionist, she developed this program to eliminate confusion about what constitutes good health, how nutrition influences health, and how each individual can take control of their health through good nutrition. 

Pamela Warren has performed over 1,500 assessments of clients and their nutritional needs. She has customized nutrition plans for individuals, and she developed a successful weight loss system. She became thoroughly expert about eating healthfully, and eating healthfully happens to mean eating in a manner sustainable for the individual and the planet.

Pamela Warren received a Master of Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the City University of New York, Graduate Center and Brooklyn College. She also is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Pamela has devised an extremely successful blend of healing and weight loss techniques by merging Eastern Holistic Health principles with the latest developments in Western Medical Nutrition Therapy and Psychology. This is where ancient wisdom meets modern science.

Pamela Warren’s interests in health and nutrition are personal as well as professional. Years ago, she witnessed family members who developed life threatening illnesses attributed to poor nutrition. They did not know how to eat right. She decided to find the answers to two questions: How to eat right to stay healthy and avoid disease, and how to eat right to restore good health.

Pamela Warren is much more than a health practitioner. Pamela is passionate about and deeply committed to teaching and empowering her clients to achieve their deepest level of sustained good health naturally and holistically. Pamela really understands health from the inside out. She employs the psychology of a healthy physiology.

Pamela Warren’s method truly restores health. Pamela addresses the whole person and works with mind-body aspects of healing. She helps clients to improve health, lose weight, and reverse illness. Common health issues that she has become expert in: digestive issues, allergies, acid reflux, type 2 diabetes, reversing high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and lowered immune function. Did you know that your emotional health is also connected to your nutritional intake? Pamela Warren’s method expands your current perspective on what healthy living truly is. You’ll make exciting changes to your life, your health, and your energy level. Easily transition to a healthier life!

Let Pamela Warren help you achieve good nutrition and your best health through the

Art of Conscious Living.

“When Health is Present, Wisdom can Reveal Itself, Art can Manifest, Strength can be Exerted, Wealth becomes Useful, and Intelligence can be Applied.”    Herophilus - 300 BC


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