The Full Story of Pamela’s Journey

This experience shook me to my core. It also caused a great shift in my life as I made the decision to leave the work that I was so passionate about; marketing very special foods from around the world. My new job and daily responsibility became that of nurse and caregiver. Every day for 6 months, I tube fed my father his breakfast, lunch and dinner. His only dessert was a morphine-like drug that was dispensed through his feeding tube. I saw first-hand how life can unexpectedly change and quickly fade away from us, completely out of our control. My father passed away at 67 years of age from stage-four throat cancer, just one year from his initial diagnosis.

My interest in the science of psychology came from personal observations of my mother. She suffered her entire life with mental illness. I watched how her medications affected her mind and her health. Eventually my mother also developed cancer, liver cancer, which metastasized to her colon. Her tumor was already considered fourth stage, and so only palliative care was provided with radiation. Possibly she was considered lucky; she didn’t have to endure the horrible chemotherapy treatments that my father had. She lived for another year and died at 75.

My passion and interest in food came from my little Italian-American grandmother who prepared incredible meals from fresh, natural ingredients. She had a garden in her backyard from where each of the vegetables that she cooked, were picked each day. The meals she created ranged from authentic Italian fare to wonderful, yet simpler meat and potato type dishes, that pleased my Scandinavian and Irish grandfather. Granny lived to the ripe old age of 95, without any diagnosis and without the need for any medication stronger than an aspirin throughout her entire life. She outlived both of my parents...isn’t that amazing?  No, not really, I believe all those fresh foods and olive oil that she consumed daily kept her strong and healthy right to the end.

From my personal involvement with three very different life experiences of my closest family members, I soon realized it to become the catalyst for my vision of the work I wanted to do in the future. I looked inside myself for answers on life and health. I developed further interest in the area of holistic health achieved through nutrition. This came from witnessing those experiences along with my acute awareness of how the body either becomes diseased or thrives, depending upon our lifestyle, our emotional wellbeing, and our dietary intake.

My interest became a deeper yearning for knowledge that led me through extensive studies with college degrees in nutrition and psychology. I also obtained professional certification, and clinical experience in nutrition. In addition to the scientific and holistic knowledge that I accumulated over the years, I recognized an innate, intuitive ability that was developing inside of me. An intuitive sense about health and illness directly related to nutrition. I then realized that I wanted to use all of my knowledge, skills and abilities to address health issues in the most natural ways possible and to teach this to others. 

I have allowed my intuition to lead me through most of my life. Now, as I continue to let it lead me further on my journey, along a highly inspired path, I have finally found the truth about health. It’s like seeing and feeling the rays of the sun in the dark. I have discovered real solutions for others to use as proactive health and healing techniques. These are very successful healing techniques I have used and studied extensively in my work with both clients and patients.

Pamela’s Work

Prior to opening my private practice, I had worked as a Clinical Nutritionist at Lasky Medical Center, a state-of-the-art outpatient medical center in Manhattan providing wellness for patients that were referred to me by their doctors. Currently, I am the Director of Nutrition services for a nonprofit organization that provides free alternative healing modalities to women survivors of breast cancer in NYC called, You Can Thrive . Giving support to these women is a vital part of my life and one that I am deeply passionate about. It provides me the opportunity to offer selfless service to those in need. My work with the women at You Can Thrive! has given me a deeper appreciation and gratitude for everything in my life. It has helped me develop more compassion and a better understanding of myself. These experiences all translate into my work that is constantly evolving, and I look forward to sharing this with you.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching everyone how to use preventative and restorative health measures through nutrition. I assist patients and clients utilizing my unique system of proactive and successful healing techniques. In this work, we touch on each aspect of a person’s life to create balanced wellness.  

It’s specifically because I’ve had these great life experiences with: family illness, cultural foods, eating grandma’s garden-fresh vegetables, studying the sciences of nutrition, psychology, and holistic health, and working with clinically ill individuals, along with my natural intuitive ability, that I was able to create The Art of Conscious Living.

Working as a professional nutritionist for over eight years, has enabled me to fine-tune my expertise in both the Eastern Wisdom and Western Science that I merge in my practice. The culmination of all my personal and professional experiences, has led me to produce the most successful health promoting system. The Art of Conscious Living is a unique system offering you the most comprehensive information available today. With my system, you will develop the healthiest lifestyle possible. You’ll make exciting changes to your life, your health, and your energy level using the most intelligent techniques in a successful and proactive format.

Pamela’s Unique Approach

My approach is client centered. My focus is on your specific needs. We do not fixate on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. My system does not supply you with lists of restrictions, or definitions of foods as being good or bad. Instead, we work using flexible and comfortable solutions for you. My system creates a happy, healthy and rewarding life for you. It’s fun to learn and simple to do.

This is a goal-oriented, proactive system. It’s designed to help you, whether you’re looking to achieve optimal weight, reverse your food cravings, reverse unhealthy cholesterol levels or other health issues, improve your sleep hours, increase your energy level, manage and reverse PMS or menopausal symptoms. My system shows you how your food and lifestyle choices create and support your best health. Together, we’ll choose the ones that work best for you to produce health, happiness and balance for the rest of your life. Wisdom is true empowerment!

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I became interested in the science of nutrition in reaction to my father’s ill health and diagnosis of cancer. Within a month of his diagnosis, my father underwent radiation therapy. Directly afterward, a radical surgery was performed. Following the surgery, he required chemotherapy because they couldn’t remove the entire tumor. The dizzying pace of doctors’ visits led me to get involved in his medical care and cancer treatments.